Chi Psi History

Alpha Sigma of Chi Psi, 75th Anniversary Celebration, November 7–8, 2003.

Chi Psi at The University of North Carolina

Chi Psi is a private fraternity of gentlemen devoted to the personal and collective needs of its members. A selective association of diverse individuals, Chi Psi is dedicated to the cultivation of a unique environment that instills a lifelong commitment to brotherhood.

Its mission is to create and maintain an enduring society that encourages the sharing of traditions and values, respect for oneself and others, and responsibility to the university and community.

Alpha Sigma of Chi Psi was established at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1855. It was the ninth Chi Psi chapter to be established nationwide, and the fifth fraternity to be established at the University of North Carolina.

Like many fraternal organizations, Alpha Sigma became dormant during the Civil War. It was re-established in 1928. The current Alpha Sigma Lodge was built in 1934 and later expanded in 1948. It rests upon two-and-a-half acres just west of campus at 321 West Cameron Avenue.

Chi Psi Nationally

Chi Psi Fraternity was founded at Union College, Schenectady, New York, on May 20, 1841. While it was the eighth Greek-letter society in the country and the fifth to originate at Union, it was the first to be founded upon the fraternal and social principles of a brotherhood, rather than upon the literary interests, which existing societies emphasized. In 1845, Chi Psi was the first fraternity to establish a fraternity house at the University of Michigan. Thanks to the building's resemblance to a hunting lodge, Chi Psi was nicknamed "The Lodge.” The nickname then spread to other houses of Chi Psi and became a tradition.

The Chi Psi National Headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee.
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