Summer Enrichment Scholarship Program

The purpose of the Summer Enrichment Scholarship is for the Alpha Sigma Foundation to provide financial assistance to selected active undergraduate members of Alpha Sigma of Chi Psi as they devote their summers to experiences that will enrich the undergraduate members as scholars and servants to the greater good.

An experience that qualifies for a scholarship award may include an internship or staff position with a governmental or nonprofit organization, travel within the United States or abroad, or other experience that has significant educational value or benefits the greater good.

Scholarship recipients are selected annually by a committee designated by the Foundation. When selecting recipients, the committee considers a number of factors including, but not limited to: (a) the overall quality of the application; (b) the educational value of the experience being undertaken by the applicant; (c) the duration of the experience; (d) the financial assistance required by the applicant in order to participate in the experience; and (e) the applicant’s individual contributions to Alpha Sigma. The committee may or may not interview an applicant in order to facilitate its decisions.

Typically, scholarship applications are solicited and accepted early in the spring semester of each year. Decisions are typically made by the end of March.

Summer Enrichment Scholarship Program Description

Summer Enrichment Scholarship Application